The U.S. is in Debt Purgatory, it’s struggling with the possibility of whether or not we may be past the point of no return.  CriticalFinancial believes we are still in a position where we have time to correct our irresponsible fical path, but we must decide if we wanna fix it for good, or continue kicking the can down the boulevard.

CriticalFinancial believes our glass is half full, that we still have time.  However, in an effort to help you be prudent protectors of your financial well-being, we want to help you break free from the “System”.  You see,  The ‘System’ is the plan created for you to remain subservient to those deciding your fate.  CriticalFinancial still believes, as our forefathers did, that free individuals are what will create the best atmosphere for everyone to thrive in.

CriticalFinancial believes society conditions us to make decisions within its self-defined patterns of “normal”.  Such as;

Its perfectly acceptable for you to finance your college experience.  CriticalFinancial says, lets investigate to see whether or not college is worth the price of admission.

Its perfectly acceptable for you to turn your entire nest egg over to an advisor whom you’ve never met, who knows nothing about your investment ideology, and who only invests in Wall Street products.  CriticalFinancial says invest in what you know, through the use of a Self-Directed IRA.  Such as:

Real Estate
Tax Liens

The Economy will be just fine, after all, we are the World’s leading economy, and best of all, your friends in Washington got your back.   Ha!  No one is looking out for you, so you better be!    Decisions in D.C are made by corporations, lobbyists and sell-out political hacks.


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