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70% of Americans are still unaware that recycling their phones for cash if a very real option. In 2015 you would expect the awareness of such a scheme to be more popular than it already is wouldn’t you?

Scarily, that stat I mentioned above means that over 200 million phones are either gathering dust in peoples basements or are being thrown in the trash, and sent to landfills.

This is where step in as they not only offer a helping hand to the environment, but they also offer a helping hand to your bank balance, as well as clearing up space in your home.

I only stumbled across a few weeks ago but they have being in business for several years now, and claim to be the first and the best in their industry at providing a comparison of buyers that are willing to buy your phone from you.

The reason I found SellCell was because I decided to do a pre-Spring clear out of all the junk I have, in that pile were a box of old cell phones. Some of these phones were ancient, some were broke, and some were near new. The prices really varied from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars, obviously the more popular and newer the phone is the more cash you are going to get back for it.

I ended up selling 7 handsets and getting back $321.50 for them, so a nice little earner for phones that were literally sitting doing nothing.

How Does it Work?

It’s quite a quick and simple process if you are thinking about selling your phone or tablet to them. The first thing you will need to know is the make and model of your phone so you enter it into the search box on the homepage. You will also need to know the GB storage and the carrier to get an exact price.

Once you have this information you will need to check a few boxes to get a final price, these boxes just ask for the condition your phone is in and whether you will be sending anything with the phone (accessories).

You will then be presented with prices that buyers are willing to pay for that phone, what payment options they provide, and the time it will take to release payment after the phone has been checked over.

You then package your phone up to send in the mail, using the details that the buyer sends through to your email address and viola! That’s really all there is to it.

So if you are going to be spring cleaning soon, see if you have any phones lying around and get trading. It’s worth it.

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