What Do Life Insurance Policies Need to Contain?

If you have anyone in your life that you are financially responsible for then obtaining life insurance is the most caring and responsible thing you can do for your loved ones. Having life insurance gives you and your family a financial safety net that will allow your mind to rest at ease.

Many people feel somewhat daunted by the thought of life insurance, not only because they are associated with your eventual death, but also because many people are not aware of the ins and outs of what is required for life insurance.Purchasing life insurance doesn’t have to be difficult, and you do not have to be an insurance expert to choose the right policy for you or your loved ones. That’s what the insurance agent is for, to guide you through the process. However, like anything, you will want to go into it with at least some idea of what you can expect.

If you have made the wise decision to purchase life insurance there are a few things you may want to know beforehand, such as who can be named beneficiary, what information regarding your health and finances is required, as well as what your life insurance policy should contain.

When to buy life insurance

Life insurance should be purchased by anyone who does not wish to burden a loved one with final expenses or leave them in financial hardship due to loss of the deceased’s income. The truth is, you are never too young for life insurance.

There are several advantages to buying life insurance at a young age, the main one being that you can lock in a very low rate as well as guaranteeing your insurability, which means you wont have to worry about increased premiums when you age or if your health should begin to decline.

Do all life insurance policies require a medical exam?

No, not unless you have to prove your insurability in order to get a very large amount insured. In this case you may have to answer some general questions regarding your medical history, but even then medical exams today are rarely required.

What if a medical exam is required?

On the rare instance when a medical exam is needed a doctor will be required to do a general physical examination that will document your weight, height and age, as well as blood pressure and urine and blood samples. They will also include your family health history.


Your insurance policy will need to include who you would like to receive the policy money when you pass away. You don’t have to choose just one person, if you wish you can opt to have the policy split between more than one individual (spouse, children etc). There are no criteria on who should be named as the beneficiary – the decision is entirely up to you. Choosing the right supplier for your insurance is paramount too. Well known finance company Newcastle permanent offer home loans in Australia, but also they offer insurance with a wide range of plans for every eventuality.

Can life insurance be purchased for anyone?

You can get life insurance for anyone who you have an ‘insurable interest’ – meaning that you would suffer financial hardship as a result of their passing. This usually is a spouse, domestic partner, parent, and child or in some instances, a business partner.You can’t, however, purchase life insurance on an acquaintance or neighbour. Also, in most cases, the person you are insuring needs to be aware of the policy.

How much life insurance will you need?

The amount of life insurance required is different for everyone.It entirely depends on you or your beneficiary’s financial needs. In most cases, your insurance company will assess with you a number of financial factors such as your monthly/annual expenses and number of children etc to determine the amount of insurance that would best suit the needs of the chosen beneficiaries.

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