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When my husband and I decided it was time for me to launch my own business, the first decision that needed to be made is where we would relocate our family to give me the best opportunity to succeed. Because of the fact that he worked from home with a WIFI connection being the only requirement, Mark decided that my new career would be the primary focus of our family.

I had spent the previous four years running the digital marketing firm I was working for and had finally built up the confidence, skill, and gained the experience I needed to start my own business. Yes, I eventually wanted to be able to have a nationwide clientele, but I knew that wouldn’t happen until I had become the go to person in a growing business community.  

Looking for a place to grow

We began researching several growing cities, trying to figure out which city we would call home in the future. There were several elements we were looking for as far as what we were attracted to. We wanted to live somewhere that was rich in history, as well as a place that was growing and making a presence in today’s business and professional world.

We had decided we favored a busy city life compared to a small town atmosphere, but needed the area to be a safe place where we could raise our children. The two of us were looking for a place full of skyscrapers and concrete, but needed to be able to escape from that for weekend getaways. After comparing the growth of cities during the past five years and projections for the future, Atlanta naturally felt like the perfect fit.

We began contacting northeast Georgia real estate agents and letting them know exactly what it was we were looking for. Because I had been working for an attractive salary that provided several bonuses and my husband was well established in the writing industry, we had been able to put away more than enough money to begin our new life. We would be able to finance the launch of my new business as well as a beautiful home for our family to move into.

Establishing a home and a career

In a matter of just a few short days, we were planning a three day getaway to Atlanta to look at several homes matching the description of what we wanted. Not only were we going to have several homes to choose from but also several areas around the city and suburbs.

After carefully touring each of the homes we had to choose from, we made the decision to purchase an amazing two story home not far from downtown. This allowed us to avoid some of the negatives of city living while keeping me just minutes away from appointments with businesses throughout the area. I was able to focus my attention on both the needs of my family and adjusting to a new area all the while reaching success from my new business.

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