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Timber Harvesting
I negotiated with my wife to score a couple of hours over at the farm on Saturday to do a little clean up.  As a married guy, in order to get some ‘me’ time, I have to earn some ‘marital capital’  by offering to do extra ‘honey do’s’ around the house.  So, on saturday, I traded in some of my reserve capital for a few hours at the farm.  My new tenants...
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Investment Update, The Hidden Value Of Harvesting Timber

The Hidden Value Of Harvesting Timber , timber industry
I have done some further investigating into the harvesting of timber on my farm, and I thought I would share the details.  I ended up having the department of forestry come out to analyze the hardwoods, they looked them over, measured the diameters, and marked nearly every tree on my property.  What a great deal, they spent nearly 4 hours looking at 150 or so trees and didn’t charge me a red...
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Got Land? The Economics Of Timber Harvesting

Who would have ever thought that buying acreage could offer multiple streams of income.  From rental property, to leasing your land out to farmers or hunters, or even harvesting timber.  For all the environmentalists out there, let me start by apologizing for even considering the harvesting of trees for money.  Make no mistake, I love trees, heck I really love anything that grows on its own.  I...
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