The 3 Sacred D’s Of Real Estate Investing

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I have been listening to real estate investing podcasts recently, if you haven’t discovered them you need to.  Recently, I have been traveling a lot and in an effort to pass the time, and educate myself, I have let Podcasts consume my windshield time.  If you have not heard of them, simply go to itunes, pick your favorite subject and download them.  The fabulous thing is they are free and...
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Subject To: Investing in Real Estate Without Paying For It

Investing in Real Estate Without Paying
I am pleased to announce the following guest post from Brandon Turner the senior editor at  He is an active real estate investor and one heck of a nice guy! A “Subject To” deal, or “Sub2,” is a method for buying real estate… without actually purchasing it. I know, that sounds a little crazy, but hear me out. Imagine talking with your neighbor, Joe,...
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