When Inflation Rises It’s Time To LEAP Into This Investment

Inflation Rises, Leap

If you are like me and get nervous at the thought that interest rates are at the lowest point we have ever witnessed, your concern is valid.  Well, unfortunately this will continue for the foreseeable future.  This is the way the federal government props up the economy.  Typically when interest rates are artificially low, stocks […]

Unique Investment Opportunity | Hog Farm

Unique Investment Opportunity, hog farm, pigs

There really are investment opportunities everywhere, all you have to do is open your ears and your mind!  Recognizing opportunities reminds me of when I would go  to Yellowstone National Park and seemed to miss all the wildlife.  It wasn’t until my eye was trained to recognize the animals, then they seemed to be all […]

Home Remodeling | 5 Projects Sure To Generate A Good ROI

Generate A Good ROI, home remodeling

Do it yourself home remodeling has become a popular alternative for many owners who have felt a little sting from our nation’s economic slowdown. Rather than thinking about moving into a bigger house, many homeowners are dispensing less of their income to simply remodel what they currently have.   Some of those projects are true […]