How Much Debt Repels Daters?

How much debt repels daters?
New Survey Shows Average Amounts That Turn Off Suitors Which is the worst first-date mistake – talking about an ex, eating food off your date’s plate, or mentioning that you are heavily in debt?
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Five Obstacles That Are Keeping You In Debt

Why You Can't Get Out of Debt,obstacles
Everyone says “Get out of debt”, as though it’s a simple mechanical effort, and the only thing stopping anyone from doing it is stubbornness. If only that were true! Before you can get out of debt, you first have to identify the reasons why you are in debt. I’ve been able to identify at least five obstacles that are keeping you in debt. It’s commonly believed that irresponsibility is the...
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When Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice?

is bankruptcy the right choice?
Most personal finance blogs advise against bankruptcy. And this is good advice – doing all that you can to avoid facing the circumstances that would make bankruptcy necessary is always the first, best course. But are there times when bankruptcy is the right choice? I think it might be better to say that there are times when bankruptcy is the only choice. How can you tell if you are in that situation,...
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Debt Collection | 3 Reasons Why They Increase Intensity

Debt Collection, payment, debt management
You know you have debt obligations, but are you finding yourself getting uncharacteristically bombarded with collection calls.  Here are a few very important theories as to why that may be. It may be that creditors are breathing down the necks of the collection agencies to collect all they can. We in the US are still experiencing at least a Recession, some may say a Depression.  Money is hard to...
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