Smart Money Moves: Simple Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Financial Future


Taking control of your finances is something that you can do at any time. You can start today, and decisions you make now can have a big impact on your future.

So here are some simple steps that you can take right now to make a positive difference to your financial future.

Start Saving Small Amounts

This is one of the biggest things you can do right away. Even if you are only saving up a very small amount, it gets you into the habit of saving. You are less likely to make an impulse purchase when you are aware that you are also trying to save.

You can make this even more effective by automating your savings with a direct debit. That way, you will keep on saving without even realizing it.

Stick to a Few Goals

It’s easy to come up with 10 or more financial goals that you would like to reach in a year’s time, but it may be best to start with just a few and really stick to them.

Have a savings target for 12 months’ time or the end of the year is a clear and simple goal, for example. You are more likely to reach your goals when they are straightforward, and it will also get you into good habits.

Create a Budget

Many people are scared by the thought of creating a budget, but it is actually very easy. You can even download a template Excel budget online from various websites.

Spend some time at the start of the year filling it out, and sometimes just seeing where you are spending your money can make a big difference. You can then use your budget to start cutting down on things that you cannot afford.

Make Time to Plan

Check your finances regularly. Block out some time each week or month to sit down and go over them, and be strict with this. Work out where you are going wrong, and make any changes that you need to.

Stay Organized

Being organized will help you to keep better control over your finances. Even something as simple as buying a new filing cabinet or even buying a new wallet can help. Make an effort to keep it organized, and this can make a big impact on how you control your money.

Work with a Financial Advisor

For larger goals that are more complex, it can be useful to work with a financial advisor. They will keep you going so you don’t lose interest. There is a lot that you can do on your own, but a financial advisor can give you a boost and help you to make even better changes to help your financial future.

They can also keep you informed about trends that may affect your finances in the year ahead, especially on things like interest rates. For example, if you are planning to make a mortgage application in Florida or anywhere else this year, knowing what the interest rates are likely to do is important.

Take Control of Your Finances This Year

These are a few simple things that you can do to take control of your finances and improve your financial future. They don’t involve much work on your part, but they will involve commitment throughout the year as you keep a closer eye on what you are spending.

So start now, and take steps to improve your finances from today.

Elise Dennis has experience working in the mortgage and loans department at a bank. She mostly writes about these topics, helping people cut through the jargon, but also touches on other financial matters in her articles.

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