The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Shoppable Video

music-2105234_640Most people today have zero time for video advertisements, yet still love to watch and digest quality video content. For marketers everywhere, getting these two concepts married has been a long work in progress, but they’ve finally figured it out: shoppable video. In the United States, adults watch 5.5 hours of online video a day.  When you make a video shoppable, marketers have the ability to grasp all of that time spent watching movies, without disrupting the overall viewing experience.

For the uninitiated, a shoppable video is a video that has clickable elements relating to the specific content of a specific online video. What does that mean for the small business owner? This article is going to go over what shoppable video is, why it is important and how it can help your business.

Why Shoppable Video?

Early adopters of the shoppable video format have seen large jumps in their view count. According to YouTube’s Director of Product Management for Ads Diya Jolly, view counts for product-related videos have increased by 40 percent since YouTube implemented their True View Cards. The buying power behind shoppable video is undeniable—it works.

If you are already using video to promote your products, adding shoppable video is as simple as creating a page to link to from inside the video. If you aren’t using video, yet want to, simply add the splash page with the product information and once your marketing team is done creating videos, link to the page! Most ecommerce site builders also have direct integration to ad video when you’re creating an ecommerce website.

How Shoppable Video Works

With television and movies quickly going to streaming platforms, media networks are in a race to provide a seamless experience. Take the Bravo TV series The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, a dramedy that is pretty big if you’re into Bravo TV. When you watch the program online, it employs the self-designed ‘T-Commerce’ (or Television-Commerce), and allows you to pause the video and hover over an article of clothing that a character is wearing and be linked to where you can buy it directly.

While most shoppable video is done through YouTube and linked caption balloons, this is the inventive and creative ways that companies are using this technology.

How to Implement Shoppable Video for Your Business

Sure, shoppable video is great for businesses who sell physical products, but what about businesses that are based around service? The beauty of shoppable video is that it is multi-faceted; you can also utilize the tech as a way of highlighting the service that you provide. For example, look at this video from The Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, it doesn’t display a catalogue of products you can buy, but services and amenities that you will experience.

This type of video is critical for a first-time visitor who has no idea what to expect when they stay at the hotel. Throughout the video services are showcased, referenced and linked, and at the end the viewer is directed to where they can request a stay.

This is a great opportunity for marketing teams to highlight services in a way that has never been possible before the advent of shoppable content.

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