Short but Sweet: How to Hold More Productive Business Meetings in the IT Sector

home-office-599475_640Modern technologies have truly made the world a far easier and more enjoyable place to live for the general public. Only a hundred years ago, buying groceries, communicating with friends, or even picking your child up from school required serious time and effort. Nowadays, however, with the ability to communicate, transfer funds, and even work instantaneously online, almost every aspect of life requires less time, effort, and expense. Let’s explore a few of the ways in which video conferencing can help you hold more productive meetings.

Connecting with Employees Online

Although there are still a few people out there who are reluctant to take their meetings into the online realm, the truth is that these types of conferences offer convenience at its best. Rather than having to dedicate a space and have everybody fit into the same room to discuss important matters, with new technologies you can conveniently connect with employees, clients, or partners within moments, all without even leaving your office. This not only saves time for everyone by removing the need to be physically present, but also allows each speaker easy access to any information they need from their own computer, desk drawers, or other tools within their own office space.

Keeping It Controlled

Unfortunately, online gatherings don’t always run smoothly when many people are invited to partake in the discussion, since it’s not always easy to identify who is talking. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and you may simply need to personally guide the discussion or appoint one of your employees to take the lead. This way, the person in charge can control who speaks next so that the conference doesn’t become chaotic. For the best results, choose the attendees carefully and consider inviting those who can easily communicate and share the ideas or information to others within your business. By doing so, you can keep the confusion to a minimum and maximize the effectiveness of each meeting. As Fast Company advises, try pretending like you’re a talk show host if you are running the online gathering, gesturing to each participant and inviting them to talk so that they don’t try to talk over each other.

Consider Shorter, More Impactful Meetings

It is common knowledge in our modern age that people tend to have short attention spans, especially when stressed or under pressure, such as in a working environment. As such, you need to accommodate this by holding shorter, yet more frequent and meaningful gatherings. This is a technique that would have become unreasonably bothersome in the past by forcing employees or partners to move to a specific location to meet every few hours. However, in our current times, the technique for the best video conference for IT is online videocasting services from brands like BlueJeans. In fact, with modern technologies at hand, holding frequent conferences as often as every few hours is actually a realistic and practical approach.

Invite Only the Most Valuable Contributors

One of the greatest benefits of holding online conferences is that you have the power to record and distribute every discussion that you hold. As such, rather than inviting everyone, Forbes suggests that you choose only the most valuable and involved employees to partake in the discussion, while sending a digital copy of the meeting to other employees. This can dramatically boost your business’ productivity, since most of your employees can continue to work rather than congregating to listen in on important matters, and instead can review the discussion at their own convenience. This not only saves you and your employees time and effort, but can also help you hold more impactful and valuable discussions as your best employees confront and solve business challenges, without unnecessary distractions.

Invest in Quality Audiovisual Equipment

While audiovisual meetings do offer a plethora of benefits compared to previous in-person gatherings, you do need to ensure that your equipment is not going to let you down. Similarly to how you would prepare your notes and ensure a clean, productive environment to discuss matters, you need to ensure that your equipment is working properly and will not be the cause of lost productivity. A failing camera or distorted audio can lead to wasted time and effort, and will often necessitate the cancelling of a conference to hold another when the equipment is ready. In order to avoid this, check to see that everything is running smoothly before the conference begins, so that nothing can stop you from holding the best and most productive meetings possible.

Holding more productive meetings is becoming far easier than it has ever been in the past, and with the right equipment and services, you can enjoy instant conference calls at the push of a button. Whether you need to hold in-depth discussion with directors, or simply want to spread a brand-wide communication to all loyal employees, online videocasting is the ideal solution.

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