The Rise of the Online Degree

notebook-1814343_640Determination, drive, and tangible skills can propel you toward a prosperous future. If anything is going to get in the way, it is likely the absence of a degree. While earning a degree prepares you to scale the ladder of success, it often means putting your career on hold. Online bachelor’s degrees are designed to develop your skills in specific areas without having to quit your job, and employers are becoming more accepting of people choosing this route to earn their degree.

Choosing an Accredited Online Degree Program

In 2012, over seven million students took at least one online class, and the number of institutions offering bachelor’s degree programs online has increased rapidly in recent years. In fact, the sheer number of students preferring to enroll in distance education courses is a primary reason why universities are including alternative educational opportunities in their repertoire. With so many options available, how do you select the right online degree program? Here are a few tips to help you choose.


Earning an online degree from an unaccredited institution is a sure way to get your resume rejected. Make sure the program is accredited before you enroll.

Financial aid.

While online universities can be more affordable than traditional schools, you may still need financial assistance. Find out how the school can help.

Technical support.

What will you do if a program crashes or a video doesn’t load? Technical assistance should be available if you have trouble engaging in required discussion board, posting homework, or accessing a course.

Degree requirements.

Some online degree programs only offer major-specific courses, but not general education requirements. Others may expect on-campus classes at the start or conclusion of the program. Determine which degree components you can and cannot meet online.

Brand recognition.

To avoid having the validity of an online degree questioned, make sure you enroll in a program whose name is recognized in the relevant field. All things equal, most employers assess your education based on their familiarity with the institution that provided the degree. For example, a prestigious school such as maryville has a variety of bachelor degrees you can earn online.


Numbers such as student loan defaults and graduation rates speak volumes about an institution. A low completion rate may mean the program doesn’t offer students strong academic support, and a high student loan default rate may be a sign of poor financial aid guidance.

Many top-ranked schools such as Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Duke, and MIT have joined the online education landscape. Their participation elevates the concept of online higher education. Learn more about UAB’s online business degrees and many other accredited schools offering this ideal method for earning a degree by researching their programs.

Embrace Your Journey

At one time, online colleges were rare, and most programs couldn’t compete with the prestige and influence of traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Today, you can obtain an online degree in everything from business to marketing to sales, and these virtual programs can equip you with a quality education. Go places, open doors, and embrace your journey with untethered, top-quality online learning.

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