Recent Big Headlines In Bitcoin

BitcoinFollowing the evolution of Bitcoin can be a little dizzying. There’s always news regarding fluctuations in its value, different countries’ takes on its legality, stories about its utility, and more. It can all be sort of difficult to keep straight. Right now, people with an interest in finance should probably be paying closer attention to this leading cryptocurrency than ever before, because currently it’s performing extraordinarily well. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest recent headlines with regard to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Reaches An All-Time High

This headline speaks for itself, but it’s impressive nonetheless. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin was above $1,400, which marks an all-time high. There are always ebbs and flows to the currency’s value, but for the most part it has been on a hot streak for a few years now. There are some incredibly lucrative forecasts coming out regarding Bitcoin’s value in the future, and as long as the price keeps performing this way they’re worth paying attention to. Though that’s not to say its strength is any sort of guarantee.

Russia Flirts With Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin news tends to vary from one country to the next, but Russia represents a major economy that is just now getting on board. Having taken a position that trading in cryptocurrency ought to be illegal not so long ago, Russia is now legalizing the use of such currencies. The reason appears to be as simple as financial strain. Due to numerous factors, the Russian economy has been struggling for a few years now, and the legalization of Bitcoin and other digital currencies appears to be intended just to give the financial system something new to try. If it catches on in a big way, this could mean Bitcoin will grow even more valuable.

As Does The Online Gaming Industry

Online casinos do massive business all over the world, and in some ways seem like the perfect outlet for Bitcoin use. That said, the two haven’t been tied together until fairly recently. Toward the end of 2016, we saw the first UK online casino to accept Bitcoin, which some expect to be the start of a trend. Easy, secure online payments have to sound ideal to a lot of people who engage regularly in internet casino activity, which means this too could open up a huge new avenue for cryptocurrency utility, and thus contribute to inflating value.

Competition Is Still Alive

It’s worth noting that as much attention as Bitcoin gets these days, some of its competitors are also thriving. Just this month we learned that Coinbase, a platform originally designed just for Bitcoin transactions, is adding support for Litecoin, after having previously done so for Ethereum. Neither of these alternatives is anywhere near Bitcoin’s value or usefulness, but they appear to be capable of improving in their own corner of the cryptocurrency market.

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