Reasons for Using Airbnb Instead of Getting a Hotel

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By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Airbnb. It’s basically a way any ordinary person can rent out rooms in their home for extra money. The hosts earn extra income. You save on the price of a hotel. But wait. You actually get more than just some monetary savings. There are many other reasons to choose Airbnb over a traditional hotel room.

It’s Quiet

Your Airbnb will be in a residential neighborhood. Most hotels are in commercial zoning. This makes the hotels loud and all hustle and bustle. That makes it harder to get a good night’s sleep. An Airbnb can make for a sound sleep so you can hit the next day with 100% of your energy. This one reason if worth it to choose Airbnb over a hotel. But there are so many more reasons…

You Feel like a Local

Locals stay in homes, not hotels. This is how you can experience the local environment. Even just admiring the local architecture is fun. Hotels are usually pretty generic. They are usual about profit, not ambiance.

It’s Better Than a Concierge

How better to feel like a local than actually staying with one! Many people are Airbnb hosts simply because they love dishing about their locale. They actually want to tell you about everything about good in their area. They are proud! This leads to better recommendations than you can get with a hotel concierge service. This leads to less money wasted and an overall better experience while you travel. Plus, concierges have a nasty habit of recommending whatever they are paid to recommend:

Me: Who has the best lobster in town?

Concierge: “Oooooh, definitely Bob’s Fish and Grub. It’s right next door, actually! He’s connected to our lobby. Isn’t that convenient?”

Me: Riiight.

You Build a Relationship

For all you know, this person will be a future client. Or you will become lifelong friends. Or, who knows, you may end up marrying your Airbnb host! Going with Airbnb offers more of a human experience than at most hotels. It’s not that hotels are bad it’s just… they see a LOT of people each day. It’s hard for them to be interested in your life plus the lives of the 50 other people they’ve seen that day.

It Doesn’t Have That Weird Hotel Smell/Feel

Hotels can smell and feel weird. The sheets often smell of chlorine. If you try hard enough, you will find hair in the bathroom. You wonder how the room would look under a black light…

Airbnb is a little different. You’re entering someone’s home. They own it and care for it. If that someone is a respectable person, they will have a tidy home that will smell and feel inviting. Some Airbnb hosts even feed you!

Financial Benefits of Airbnb

As stated earlier, Airbnb is far cheaper than getting a hotel. It’s usually about 50% cheaper. And it works well for both parties. You pay $75 per night instead of $150. Plus, the renter gets paid $75 per night. If I owned a home, I’d surely become a host. If your occupancy rate is, say, 50%, that’s $1,125 per month just for renting out a room in your home! Talk about passive income!

Reasons for Using Airbnb Instead of Getting a Hotel

Whatever way to slice it, Airbnb is a winner. Have you used Airbnb? Are you a host or a guest?

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  1. Airbnb can be so fantastic! Good point about building a new relationship with someone. That rarely happens in a hotel. Hotels are more about getting guests in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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