Online Shopping Made Easier: A Paribus Review

Online shopping has become one of the easiest ways for consumers to purchase what they need. Often many of us want to find the best possible deal so we can save the most money. There are hundreds of sites that offer a money back rebate just for shopping…most of these are doomed to history’s dust bin.  However, a noteworthy new player in this space is Paribus.


In doing this Paribus review, I did some background research on the problem the app solves. Paribus is useful for the shoppers that love online shopping but tend to miss out on the deals and coupons after their purchase. Most companies that allow price matching for certain products gives you about 7 to 15 days to claim your rebate. But how can you keep track of all the purchases you have made throughout the week? This is where Paribus pays for itself, instead of you going through the process of contacting companies for your rebate, the app acts on your behalf and uses bots to apply for refunds as soon as they are listed.

Getting acquainted with Paribus


Where the Paribus app fails is crashing. The initial download is fairly quick – it took the same amount of time as most apps would. With a clean phone, the app seemed to crash many times. I had to restart my device three times before the app began to work smoothly. Smooth is being generous, as well. In contrast to the set-up difficulties I had, the user interface has a very fresh and clean look with a white base color and pops of light blue. Along the bottom of the app, you have tabs that keep track of your statistics, refunds and drops in prices.

The drops tab keeps track of lower prices and refreshes the discounts from companies constantly. Usually, the tab refreshes items from the previous eight hours. If you missed an item you bought you can scroll down to find it. The rebates are usually listed for a day.

What makes Paribus different from Ebates?

If you have ever been up early, or late depending on your broadcasting, you have probably seen a commercial for Ebates. The site allows you to get paid for shopping with certain vendors. Those that use the site may be wondering why they would need to switch to Paribus. Unlike Paribus, Ebates does not cover vendors that are not affiliated with the site, whereas Paribus works with a broader variety of major retailers. See the listing in the screen grab below:

Stores Paribus works with

Too much info and too little cash?

Paribus falls short on the amount of personal information they ask for and the amount of cash the company takes. Although the app is owned by CapitalOne and uses heavy duty encryption, you need to provide your email and credit card information for the app to work. A lot of people are uncomfortable with this. The app is free to download and use, but the company takes a 25% cut of the amount they get can refunded for you. For most of the transactions this will not affect the rebate, but for smaller amounts, the refund may not be worth having the service.

So, do you really need to use Paribus?


So here is the main takeaway from this Paribus review. If you want to skip an extra step when shopping, yes, Paribus is a solid app for you to use. However, there are other options that you are able to use to find the best coupons while shopping. For example, the Chrome plug-in Honey gives you the option to use coupon codes at check out. It also searches for the best prices from other websites so you do not overpay. It is free to use, as well. Paribus is a solid platform, but don’t rely on it alone to save money.

Finally, if you do want to sign up, go ahead and use this link, it will take you straight to the sign-up page.

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