Office Space: How Can You Be Stylish and Price Conscious?

how to save money as a digital nomadSpace comes at a premium that many businesses can’t afford. Instead of a small startup renting a premises, it’ll stay stuck in the small leagues, promoting the company from a laptop in a bedroom.

In the early 80s, for instance, entrepreneurial millionaire Ian Livingstone began by developing his empire from a van in London. He had meetings with corporate bigwigs in restaurants, pretending that he had just come from his office. In many ways he had – his office was just far smaller than most.

Business owners in the present day, however, wouldn’t find such Del Boy-like wheeling and dealing particularly charming. More than ever, companies run on first impressions – and have to make them count.

Some companies are affected by this more than others. A nifty media agency, for instance, needs to look hipper than Google and have its finger on the pulse. Most kinds of workplace, for that matter, have to look as though they’re in a constant state of hustle and bustle.

We’re in a new era of design for businesses. Companies expect more than a high-class skillset. They want a look of prestige in the workplace they visit.

So what can you invest in to look more stylish? And how can the smaller business give an impression beyond its means?

An extra level

Mezzanine floors are usually associated with large warehouses. But even a boutique media agency can find good uses for this raised platform.

Essentially a new level to your building supported by metal girders, the industrial look inherent in mezzanine floor construction can give your office an undeniable air of cool.

The rustic look is very much “in” at the moment. Beyond aesthetics, a mezzanine will double your working space, giving you room for a specific meeting area or simply an extra space for staff to work. Moreover, it’s a cheap way to expand your office.

Get flexing

Companies starting out won’t be able to afford their own office in the traditional sense. But many businesses have made ends meet by sharing office space.

Known as a flexi-office, this solution to rental cost woes allows companies to share space in shifts, giving each other certain days where they can work alone and other days to share.

Provided your flexi-office has a meeting room, you’ll be able to invite clients to it without them worrying about your assets. And you won’t have to worry about the cost.

A desk to enjoy

Even the smallest businesses need space to work outside of their home. And, although it won’t give you a place to invite clients, renting a desk in an office could be a short-term solution to establish your company.

Some workplaces rent desks for a small amount of money per week, giving busy entrepreneurs a place to set up for the day. It’s small fish, but it’s a start.

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