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More than 40 years have passed but the quality and essence of the attorneys at Cohen, Placitella& Roth PC is intact. They have presented not only a strong level of commitment towards their clients but also full throat dedication towards the legal representation of the people who are ever been devasted by use of unsafe products, a reckless misconduct or any professional malpractice coming out as a death or injury of innocent.

The promise they hold

Any family who is a victim of cerebral palsy due to the carelessness of the hospital delivering pregnancy can rely on malpractice attorneys at Cohen, Placitella & Roth PC for justice. Not only them, but retired workers, families who are suffering from diseases mesothelioma due to an exposure to asbestos, victims of brain injury due to a medical negligence, auto crash, and the victims of onsite workers can seek help from them and they are more than happy to fight. Their only condition is that the negligence should not be from the side of their family or themselves, rather an outsider.

The values they promise

The main focus of malpractice attorneys at Cohen, Placitella& Roth PC is a dedication towards their clients, the law and the community while gaining excellence. Their work is cause-oriented since they are fully devoted to promoting justice while making a difference in the community through their clients. Their main aim is not winning a case, rather fighting for justice because when they know something wrong is happening, they want to make a change. Over the period of time, they have gained the skills required for success that are thorough preparation, amazing courtroom skills, top-notch standards of ethics, thinking innovative legal ways and a great passion for the causes of clients. With more than 1000 cases on verdict where the clients have received hundreds of millions of dollars.

The firm’s purpose

The firm is focused on: –

  • Providing a unified commitment to the clients
  • Dedicated excellence within laws
  • Putting their best foot forward for the success of their clients
  • Stable the values
  • The mindset of doing right by the law and for the clientele.

A look towards special children

A brain injury or some severe injuries might lead to disabilities which can carry on for the rest of the life. These incidents have widely encouraged the firm to contribute towards the organizations working towards helping people in need. Those organizations are United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia and the Vicinity, the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, Tools for Meeting Life’s Challenges LLC, and Holidays for the Homeless and Underprivileged, Inc.

The received recognition

Because of the tremendous amount of work put in by the firm, there are a lot of distinctions gained by them.

They have the highest ratings due to their level of ethical standards maintained as well as the ability to be professionals.

The firm has been recognized at a national level. They have received public interest awards for their immense contribution towards serving people.

The firm has received top honors.

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