How to Make Great HR Hires

handshake-1513228_640A good HR team is vital to any business of moderate size, but they are sadly underestimated. “Recent research by McKinsey reveals that CEOs typically list HR as merely the 8th or 9th most important corporate function” reports Lisa Gerhardt, while noting their importance as the spine of a business: not merely dealing with holiday requests, but handling in-house communication, and being the most important team for helping a business pivot in times of change.

But how do you get a strong HR team who can make the most of being in the heart of a business, affecting all others departments? Here are some tips for getting the best HR staff.

Hire Early

If your business is small, it might seem unnecessary to hire dedicated HR staff, but this may be a false economy. Taking on an HR manager early in your company’s life cycle means they can help define its growth. Using a specialist company like Savannah Recruitment can help you find someone to fit both your needs and your budget.

Define a Strategy

If you have an experienced HR voice at your side, you can start to make plans for the future. They can help you define a strategy for growing your workforce as your business grows, and growing the HR infrastructure you require alongside that. You define milestones which, as you hit them, require you to look for new staff in defined departments.

This means will you never be surprised by your own growth, and find part of your organisation overwhelmed, or feeling ‘left behind’.

Broadcast Your Values

It’s most important for your HR team to share your values, as they will be responsible for broadcasting them throughout the rest of the business, therefore you need to make sure you are broadcasting them loudly and proudly. Make sure your site communicates your values and mission not just on a dedicated page, but through everything you do and say. This means that when you begin to advertise for new roles, the applicants who are interested are more likely to be in sympathy with your attitudes.

Look to Your Rivals

One place to look, both for ideas of how to structure your HR approach and also potential employees are rival businesses. Whether you have a friendly relationship with similar business owners, or a more adversarial one, it is worth considering how their approach could be useful for you, or even using a recruiter to approach their key players.

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