The Importance of Getting PPI for Your Loans

cf ppiPayment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a good thing when you are out of hand on your present loans. We will never know the exact future, which makes emergency policies like PPI useful in dire times. When you purchase a PPI policy, do not think of it as a waste rather think of it as the most prudent thing to do. Its premiums are low and payable with loan installments. Good thing is when you encounter an unforeseen eventuality and you cannot pay your loans at the same time, you get protection from this policy.

How useful is PPI?

If you are unable to pay your loans monthly because of an unforeseen situation, the PPI can save your credit report as this can cover the mortgage payments until two years. The situations that prove this acceptable include unemployment, disability, and sudden illness. Coverage provided by the PPI still depends on your approved terms and conditions plus the premium amounts. Nonetheless, several dishonest insurance providers and lenders mislead the buyers to purchasing such policy. Some are even told that getting the loan application approved or purchasing this policy is compulsory. Other lenders even declare this policy as part of loan repayment. In other instances, the holder purchases the policy even if they are ineligible for PPI claims. Of course, when this happens and the buyer fails to pay their mortgage with the aforementioned reasons, the provider will refuse to any financial coverage because ineligibility.

Hence, it is highly essential to do the correspondences first from professional companies with experienced and skilled lawyers that can help in this process. Having proper guidance prior to purchasing a PPI policy can eradicate any financial issues in the future. The following are some aspects you need to consider first before advancing to PPI payments:

  • Upfront payment. Lenders can add the whole insurance cost to the original loan. This is expensive since you need not only pay the loan itself but also the interest premium.
  • Total insurance cost over the term. Even though it seems that the monthly payment is cheap, this can add to the loan term. For instance, if you have a five-year loan of up to $10,000 the payment protection can sum up to $2,000.
  • Policy conditions to know what is covered and excluded. For example, if you are suffering from an illness not covered by your insurance policy, then the policy will not pay for anything in the event of PPI claims. Some include the redundancy cover while others do not.

Primary Benefits of PPI 

The PPI policies are sold by banks or credit providers. These can cover different kinds of ailments except the mental disorders. During the past years, a number of people bought this kind of policy because it offers financial security and peace of mind as well. Here are few of the many advantages you can get from PPI:

  • Tax advantages. You can save from tax payments with PPI because the amount is not taxable. You can provide the full amount claim and yet meet the full loan payments.
  • Financial security. PPI also offers relief and financial security since it offers financial assistance in times of difficulty and readily helpful in clearing loan amounts.
  • Easy payment plans. Premium payments are thought to be easily managed alongside the loan installments. The terms and conditions can even be applicable to an average individual.

Calculating PPI Costs

Actually, lenders do not have a universal formula when it comes to PPI payment. The lender’s discretion determines the total amount of PPI policy cost and ranges from 16 to 25 percent of the loan. Hence, calculating PPI is the amount of debt multiplied by the percentage charged by the insurer. Nonetheless, since there are several methods for paying this policy, the calculations for PPI do not come as straightforward. There are two major methods, which can single or monthly premium. The latter method simply means adding the amount of PPI premium to the initial debt amount at the start of loan term. If you choose this method, it is important to take note that when the premium is added to the debt amount; the premium rate is also added hence increasing the cost over the time needed for repaying the loan.

In terms of monthly premium, the interest rates are not paid via cost. Even though the sum is paid for PPI, there are other concerns inherent with this method. This also increases the chances of voiding the policy. If you miss payments rather than adding the single premium to the sum of the loan amount at the start of loan, this will make sure that you need not worry on voiding the policy without payments.

Credit Card PPI 

In refunds of PPI for credit cards, the premium payment policy is adding premium rate to the recurring monthly payment. The percentage ranges from 0.75 to 1 percent. Thus, every hundred remaining on revolving balance pays extra amount prior to the interest added. Hence, if you attached a PPI policy to a credit card, you need not pay the premium without having to pay the interest as well. The premium costs of PPI are simple when premium can be detached from the interest rate being applied to the debt amount. Nonetheless, the calculation is complex in terms of involved interest rates. Yes, there are increases in cost but this increase can vary on installments being made. This should always be considered in determining whether the claims are cost effective for the buyer.

Reviewing PPI Policy 

In any financial situation, it is essential to review in detail which is the best policy for you. The loan protection policy may not fit every person’s case and ask “have I got PPI?”Determine the reason for having a PPI and ensure that claims are valid during times of urgent need. Go through all the clauses and exclusions then address if there are issues. Make an important decision in this policy and so you will be able to get the right PPI policy.


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