How to Sell Real Estate Like a Pro

window-839824_640Selling real estate is the kind of thing that anyone thinks they can do, if only they had the right amount of funds. But the truth is, shifting a property at its optimal profit takes a lot more skill than simply throwing cash at the problem.

To sell a property effectively takes a little bit of luck. You’ve got to be speaking to the right customer at the right time, and have the perfect piece of prime real estate in your database.

What’s more, you’ll have to have your finger in a lot of pies, taking an informed gamble on a handful of properties and hoping that one will pay off.

It’s an imperfect art, but it’s made plenty of people rich. And it’s a skill that can be learned.

A lot of this skill relies on instinct, but it also relies on a few solid rules. Here are just a few.

Surprise the customer

Imagine you’re a prospective viewer of a property. Do you want to see a house with all the same features as everything else you’ve looked at? Or do you want a few pleasant surprises, a few items that you didn’t even realise you wanted?

Every property should try to have at least one item that differentiates it from the endless slew of other houses. Whether it’s a mezzanine floor that leads to an amazing view outside, a swimming pool for some light paddling, or an attic that’s been converted into a games room, a little surprise can go a long way when it comes to selling a property.

Know your audience

Your customers will all have different needs, and it’s impossible to cater to them all. Your best bet is to imagine the kind of person who would live in the house you’ve got on sale and centre it around them.

You can figure out the general personality type by looking at the people who own houses in the surrounding area. Find out what they do, what their average income is and what their hobbies are. This will help inform any changes you want to make to your property, and help you spend your budget in the right areas.

Set the ambience

The nicest thing about getting customers into a property you’ve carefully planned is, you can set the atmosphere yourself. Like a top DJ at a nightclub, your every choice of interior design or mood lighting can change the way a viewer perceives a property.

Make every room amplify its positive qualities and you’ll enjoy a sale before the day is up.

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