How to Save on IT Services

notebook-1814343_640Navigating through technology, especially as a small business owner, can be complicated especially for those who doesn’t have a tech background in their belt. An even bigger challenge you’ll face is when you need to figure out how you can control IT costs but at the same time make your business flourish.

There are a lot of variables you should factor in your day-to-day operations and in a small business environment, a lot of employees do handle several positions and make do with what’s available. You can still potentially save money on IT services by considering these options for your biz:

Video conferencing.

Aside from trimming travel budget, it can provide a greater connection with customer both locally and internationally. It can also provide the business the ability to get virtual resources without leaving the physical office. Additionally, this can also cut your telephone costs when making domestic and calls abroad.

Invest in software such as professional services automation for all-around management.

You can use this to replace several functions such as tracking, invoicing and billing in the business, that can save you from getting additional resources to manage these tasks. Think of it as the swiss-army knife that can help you run your business efficiently.

Reduce or negotiate your internet subscription.

There are providers out there that do offer amazing discounts and can give you incredible savings over the traditional internet providers for businesses. Make sure to do your research first so that you get value for your money but you won’t be plagued with the constant interruption of the kind of service they will provide to you. This can greatly affect the way your business will run, especially if you rely greatly on having an online presence.

Take advantage of free email apps.

To host an internal email server can cause frustration and take up a huge chunk of your time to keep it up and running smoothly. Maintaining this also requires additional staff or an entire division devoted in managing the server which equals to additional costs on your business. Aside from sending and receiving emails, there are other functions available for employees to work on documents as well as share files in a hosted environment. This can replace shared file storage or document archive.

Consider “going green”.

Laptops, computers as well as other hardware equipment nowadays maybe a bit pricey but it can lower your energy consumption in half, compared to older models. Replace equipment that are several years old with a faster and more capable machine. This may sound counterproductive as you’re trying to cut costs, but you will save time and money in the long run by working smarter this way.

Even when you are saving on IT services, you shouldn’t cut out security factors. Make sure that your intellectual property is protected and suspend all access to employees or contractors who are no longer involved in your business. Keep your business protected from potential hackers by having affordable but good quality anti-viruses – these can also help you avoid those expenses you will encounter should your system be compromised.

With these tips, you can gain substantial savings as well as give you an edge among your competition in the business.

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