How to Get Value from Your House Sale

cfHousing markets truly are a law unto themselves, with experts often misjudging their forecasts about whether values will rise or fall. How many times have you spent sat cursing the estate agent? We bet plenty. From price bubbles one year to bargains the next, it’s not written in stone how much your house can be genuinely worth; the market dictates everything.

Yet there are a number of practical tips that sellers can use to secure a speedy closure at a good price and ensure that you’re handing over the keys to your home pain free.

Deal with the negatives

If there are things that could potentially put people off being interested in your property, ensure you try to address them before anyone comes to take a closer look.

Things like cigarette smoke, animal odours smells and other visual issues such as darkly painted walls must be rectified. Simple fixes such as rugs and mats in your entrance halls can add a cosy character to your property without over personalising your decor; they also can cover more troublesome spots in your carpets after cleaning.

If you’re going to re-decorate your home, opt for lighter but plain colours. Neutral tones allow potential buyers to place themselves in your home; neutral colours are also considerably cheaper and add value to your house sale according to many estate agents.

Choosing an estate agent

You should get quotes from several agents, and while many will not tell you how much they charge until they have come to see your property, most are willing to negotiate. Some sellers incentivise their agents, offering a higher commission to sell within eight weeks and then reducing the fee as time goes on, but do not be swayed by a high valuation.

Talk about a variety of options with your estate agent to ensure that your are getting the best deal all throughout the process. How are they advertising your home? Is this part of the fee? Simple things like this can make all the difference.

Choose an agent who responds quickly and politely to your inquiries, and is making sales in your area. It has also never been easier to sell your home online as well. Companies such as Jet Homes have a variety of online options to place your property on the market without the hassle of having to wait an inconvenient times for an estate agent to turn up.

Dress up your property

While the right agent is essential, don’t leave all the work of selling your home in their hands. You too must play an active part in making it attractive to would-be buyers. Look at the outside of your home and ensure the gardens and paintwork look pristine as you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Showing off parking space helps too, be it on the street, in a driveway or even clearing the clutter from your garage. Ensure the interior is in good order too, as for many buyers it is a huge plus to know they can move in straight away without needing to immediately undertake some redecorating.

Proving you live in a great location also helps, whether it is being in the catchment area of a good school or the distance to commuter stations or shops in the local area and town centre. Every minor point only adds to the perceived value and helps towards a quick sale.

If there are lots of details to your property that you think a potential buyer could do with knowing. Create a simple information pack that they can take away with them after visiting your home. Small details like this can make all the difference.

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