How to get the most out of your Commercial Van

van-982912_640While the festive period is typically a time of fun and adventure, it also has its downsides. The winter weather can be notoriously harsh, for example, while home burglaries are also known to increase by 20% on average during this time of year. The adverse weather conditions can also increase the likelihood of breakdown and vehicle damage, and while this is inconvenient enough at the best of times it can be devastating for service providers and tradesmen that rely on their vehicle for business.

3 Steps to get the Most out of your Commercial Van this winter

With this in, it is in the best interests of your business for you to adopt a proactive approach to getting the most from your commercial van this winter. Consider the following steps towards achieving this: –

Source Affordable and Competitive Insurance

If the time has come to renew your commercial vehicle insurance, you may well benefit from comparing the market and using your existing terms as leverage. After all, the insurance market becomes particularly competitive during the winter, with specialist commercial service providers such as A-Plan looking to offer affordable and comprehensive plans that have been designed specifically for van owners. By comparing the breadth of the market and negotiating with viable insurers, you can optimise the coverage for your van without paying more.

Optimize Mobile Branding Opportunities

Even in the world of social media marketing and real-time consumer interaction, your staff members and commercial fleet remain core promotional tools. These entities are mobile, and therefore have the opportunity to organically reach a wide target audience during the course of a typical working day. It is therefore imperative that you brand each commercial van that you own with a clearly identifiable logo and marketing message, while also ensuring that your vehicles are clean and well-presented at all times. This can really help you to get the most from your fleet and supplement any on-going marketing campaigns.

Reduce Operational costs and Fuel Consumption

Vans can generate huge operational costs, especially when they are used on a daily basis to complete jobs or deliver goods. To get the most from these valuable assets, it is therefore crucial that you minimise fuel consumption and reduce costs wherever necessary. Creating a culture of responsible driving within your firm is the central to this, as it eliminates unnecessary acceleration and helps to prioritise fuel-efficiency. You can also invest in software that helps drivers and planners to plot an optimum route, slashing mileage and consumption in the process.

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