How to Get a Job Right out of College

07825e93d8724c79b7c85c0123ec6e47These days, it has become a difficult task to find a job straight out of college. Job markets all over the world are evolving and becoming extremely competitive as the companies want people who can deliver results to improve their business. Now even the simplest jobs require certain level of work and subject experience.

Most fresh graduates can’t find a job right after graduating since all they have to show for experience is a graduation degree and the projects they have worked on in school or college. This ends up in a scenario wherein college students will settle for any job that comes their way and make them into a profession — leading an unhappy, unsatisfactory life where they won’t achieve their full potential.

However fear not and don’t lose hope — there’s always a company out there who would rather employ a fresh graduate than someone who had years of work experience for a certain job position.  If you want to learn more on what companies would look for in a fresh graduate, you can check out Fresh Graduates Hiring in Organizations at to arm yourself with more knowledge and to learn how it can be advantage on hiring a young person right out of college. But first, you will need to prepare yourself and you can follow these simple tips on finding a job right out of college — tips for people who have no experience in the job market or the field they are aiming at.

Make a clean and professional resume. The resume is the most important part of your job search and your professional documents. It is vital that you have a detailed and complete resume that will showcase your qualifications, capabilities and abilities. After all, the interviewer won’t know how awesome you are in school in the first twenty minutes of interview — they will browse your resume and gauge how you will respond to their questions based on what you’ve written on your resume.

In making a resume, it is best to ask assistance from your friends who has experience of gaining or holding a job. If not, you can hire the services of a professional resume writer who would be able to highlight and project your qualifications and capabilities in the best possible way. If you have no work  experience, this is one of the best possible solutions to up your chances of getting hired.

Search for entry level jobs. Companies have several jobs that are perfect for people who has just graduated — jobs that are less paying, easy to do, have little responsibility and a haven for anyone who wishes to learn and gain experience. Let’s be realistic here — a fresh grad won’t be accepted for a high level position like managers or supervisory levels as companies will not take that risk to hire someone who has no years of background experience in handling people and such. Companies would rather hire people who have strong desire for knowledge. If this is the position that you are aiming for, you can always work your way to the top.  A good option for college students is to work as a part-time freelance writer with ThePensters.

 Attend job fairs. Typically, job fairs happen during vacation — right after graduation is over. Attending job fairs is a great idea, mainly because you can meet a lot of people from different companies all at the same time. This can also be a platform for you to know which companies are looking for entry level posts and meet other people who are just like you, who’s looking for a job.

Now these are just a few tips for you to keep in mind, for somebody who is looking for a job with no experience straight out of college. So don’t give up on the first application and don’t stop until you get that job you want.



Good luck and happy job hunting!


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  1. Kathy says:

    I would suggest that finding a job right out of college actually begins when you first walk onto campus and declare a major. What you study has a huge bearing on what offers you get. I had a friend whose daughter majored in African studies and on graduation had zero offers. So she stayed in school and got her master’s degree. Still no offers. She complained that she had all these degrees and all she was qualified for was to flip burgers at Hardees. What did she expect to do with the major she chose? Afridan studies or gender studies, or art history might be feel good majors, but studies have shown that they do little for job qualifications. BTW, the daughter eventually went back to school to become a registered nurse and she got a job instantly after finishing that course of study.

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