Gold versus Various Assets for Investment

Gold is one type of precious metal that falls under the most popular investments in the world. Some individuals believe investing in gold is a safe move because its value appreciates over time and this product can always be exchanged into money. Although there are speculations that it is also risky to invest in gold, still, many people put their money in this product because there is an assurance that its value increases after a period of time. One way to gauge that gold is appraised with a high value is when the price of crude oil increases. This goes to show that gold and crude oil have a correlation when it comes to its market price.

Investing in gold has its own specific season. Critics say that gold should not be sold when the economy is weak because its value might not be fair. Gold investment can be better understood when it is compared with other forms of investments. Here are the comparisons:

Gold versus Mutual Funds

Investing in gold is as simple as a buy-and-sell principle where you are going to purchase gold at a low price during its current period and then sell it at a higher value in the future. The more gold items you purchase, the more gains expected in the future. Mutual funds on the other hand are investing your money in a particular product or company that is funded by shareholders. Mutual funds are usually shared by a number of investors. This means that the gains are divided into the number of investors and are calculated according to each one’s share. Due to the complexities of the system, such type of investment has to be managed by a professional individual or team. Like any other investments, mutual funds carry a number of disadvantages that is why proper management is strictly implemented.

Gold versus Stocks

Gold as compared to stocks is considered a win-win investment. Despite the erratic movement of the economy, gold investors still gain back the value of their money. They don’t actually lose anything. Stock exchange on the other hand connotes high-risk investment because it is either you double your money or get nothing. Stock investment is quite complicated in nature that is why the system is recommended only for those who understand it. Beginners must be educated well first before joining the race. When investing in stocks, you have to ensure that the product or company is in a stable condition so that the probability of gaining money is high. Thus, deciding on what company or product to invest in is crucial.

Gold versus Silver

Gold and silver are two precious metals that carry a significant value considering the element of time. This is where the term gold/silver ration comes in. The gold/silver ratio can be calculated through the presence of a chart displaying the movement of gold and silver investments over the past ten years. This will help investors determine how many ounces of silver can be bought with one ounce of silver. The ratio of gold and silver is quite complicated in structure that expert investors must be consulted to explain the system. When it comes to liquidity, both silver and gold are considered as liquid assets because they are perceived as valuable commodities that can be viewed as actual currency. Overall, most people see both gold jewelry and silver as a luxury asset. They can be purchased in various mediums such as jewelry stores and pawnshops in the same way that they can be sold or pawned.

Gold versus Real Estate

Gold as compared to real estate is far more feasible to buy because any individual can purchase gold according to what he or she can afford. Anyone can buy gold depending on the amount and availability of money. For as long as it carries a value considering karat and grams, you are assured that your investment is equal to an amount of money whether big or small. In the case of real estate, you need to spend a huge chunk of money from your account to purchase a property and use it for personal or business use. This situation is not applicable to small-time players because investment requires thousands to millions of dollars. A real estate property holds a huge value when appraised however, future sale takes a long period. When sale is taking so long, the value possibly decreases because buyers tend to bargain on a smaller amount. In conclusion, real estate is a high-risk investment that needs huge money and a lot of decision-making.

As you can see, investments come in various forms. Understanding the pros and cons of each investment will make you decide which platform best suits your savings. The fact of the matter is that all these investments can make your money earn more as long as they are handled with the right timing and management. Gold for instance, has its own lean period. Therefore, this will give you when to shell-out money for gold purchase.


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