Extreme Minimalism

Extreme MinimalismWhat a complex topic to discuss! See, the word ‘extreme’ is very… how shall I say it… extreme. It’s rather meaningless, really. What is extreme to me may not be extreme to you and vice versa. However, I’ve read enough comments on personal finance posts to be able to gauge the readership of this blog and similar ones. What I think is extreme and what you think is extreme are pretty similar. Let’s get started:


1. Making your own deodorant

A lot of people make their own laundry soap to save a few bucks per month. That doesn’t seem extreme to most of us. It’s more environmentally friendly than buying giant tubs of crazy detergents. It is significantly cheaper than buying it from a store. Making our own laundry soap is even kind of nice because we can add our own favorite scents.

However, making our own deodorant sounds disgusting. The worst part for me is wondering how in the world you apply it. I read one article where a guy recommended just dipping your wet fingers in a tub of baking soda. Sorry but that’s not how I want to start my morning. I love frugality, but making your own deodorant is going too far. And really, what would you even save? $10 a year in deodorant?

2. Playing HVAC police

I loathe spending money on electricity. It’s about the most boring expense in life. However, I find it necessary to maintain the temperature inside a house in order to keep my sanity. Think, if the house I’m in right now were 90 degrees, I couldn’t concentrate enough to write this article.

I’ve tried to play HVAC police in the past. I would keep it as hot as possible in the summer and as cold as possible in the winter. But there was a point where I felt like I was altering my lifestyle just to save a little money. It was crazy. I was either too hot or too cold. I think it was the point where I thought about wearing winter gloves while typing when I realized it’s okay to be comfortable in your own home.

3. Skipping doctors appointments in the name of saving money

This is INSANE! Ever hear of ‘An ounce of cure beats a pound of prevention’? If you skip doctors appointments, healthcare costs will catch up with you in the long-term. Sure you won’t have to cover a 6-month dental cleaning, but let me know how much those cavities cost you to fill.

I think we can all agree that putting money ahead of health is about as extreme as we can get.

4. Eating a poor diet just because it’s cheaper

Let’s keep talking about health, shall we? Eating a poor diet (Top Ramen) just because it’s cheaper than healthy food is outrageous. Trust me, I’ve been to college. That was a reference to Top Ramen, not that I’m smart… ūüôā

Yes, you may save money on groceries but your standard of living will diminish. You won’t be able to work as many hours, and the hours you do work will be sub-par compared with people who eat nutritious diets.

5. Saying ‘no’ to fun opportunities just because there’s a little cost involved

I think we’re all guilty of doing this every now and then. You say ‘no’ to something just because there’s a price tag associated. Although it’s fun at times to say ‘no’ to an event you don’t like (and save money) most often, we should do the things anyway. If there’s a trip you really want to go on, make it happen. As they say, travel is the only way to spend money but actually get richer.


What’s your idea of extreme minimalism? What are some crazy ways you’ve seen people save money? There’s a show called, I think, ‘Americas Cheapest Family’. I would cringe too much if I were to watch it. But if you’ve seen it, let me know how it is. I think it’s easier reading about this stuff than actually watching it on TV. I heard once that a family used scraps of cloth as toilet paper. Then they washed and reused them. #winningatlife

Thanks for reading. Until next time,



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  1. Kathy says:

    When I was younger I skipped dental appointments and only went once a year instead of twice for cleaning, But I ended up in the chair for longer time so for years now I’ve done the twice a year bit and haven’t needed any other dental work for years.

    I love having the doors and windows open as much as possible but I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to hot humid central Illinois weather so when it gets 97 degrees with high humidity, I bow before the A/C gods and give thanks for the person who invented it. I’ll not skimp on that…..ever.

    • Will says:

      Life’s too short to be miserable! I know a few extremely frugal people who go without A/C in the summer. It’s sad because instead of enjoying summer, they bare it.

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extreme minimalism, saving money, minimalism, frugal living

Extreme Minimalism

What a complex topic to discuss! See, the word ‘extreme’ is very… how shall I say it… extreme. It’s rather... more →