Easy Social Media Tips for Your Business

computer-1149148_640The digital revolution has significantly democratized who can quickly and easily set up their own online business venture. But with the entrepreneurial opportunities comes the difficult task of trying to make your own venture stand out in the already crowded marketplace.

Thankfully social media has blossomed to enable you to enjoy instant and direct communication with your target audience. And so here are few examples of social media promotions from online pokies sites, interiors stores and fashion emporiums.

Timing is everything

Unlike magazine adverts and TV spots which take months to plan and a huge amount of money to successfully implement, a quick social media advert can be created for next to nothing and instantly reach a huge amount of people.

Because the advertising is instant from the click of a button, timing is everything, which is why interior design store Rove Concepts have used Instagram to target their audience ahead of the Mother’s Day rush. And even if you’re too busy to keep updating your social media profile, there are a handy applications like Hootsuite that can schedule your posts whilst you’re creating your next masterpiece!

Rewarding your loyal audience

It’s hard enough to attract an audience, but keeping your customers coming back is even harder. That’s why it’s always important to reach out on a regular basis with special offers, giveaways, prize draws and even just friendly updates on the goings-on at your company.

The Lucky Nugget Casino gaming site provides a good example of all of this, as the blog manages to illustrate all of the latest offers that encourage customers to check out their range of online pokies games through their Facebook and Twitter profiles, yet the site manages to avoid being overly sales-based through a friendly tone of language and interactive comment section.

Understanding your media

Having social media channels is nothing unless you know how your customers use it. For example, fashion outlet StandOut have a specially curated Pinterest board that’s perfect for casually stumbling across their products in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising, yet handily links up to the desired product on their website. The Small Business Blog has reviewed some of the best bots that can help you automate your posts.

And one of the biggest aspects of social media is the way that users can quickly share something they enjoy with hundreds of friends at just the click of a button. So be sure to take a leaf out of Airbnb’s book by implementing referral schemes that can easily be integrated into your social media campaign so that you can enjoy the power of people sharing your brand without you having to lift a finger!

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