Digital Game Night: Adult Fun, At Home!

My family is huge into games, board games, card games, online and digital games, you name it, we play it! Since having children, we don’t get to go out as often as we’d like so one of our favorite things to do is host friends and family at our place. This usually includes a night of food, drinks and games while children peacefully sleep!

Every year we’re introduced to more and more games to add to our collection. I mentioned to a friend recently that our game cupboard was literally overflowing and we had to stop buying ones until we moved as we were running out of space! It was her who suggested we should stick to online or digital games for the time being.

I don’t want to say I didn’t understand how gaming systems like Xbox or PlayStation worked, but I guess I didn’t really understand. I thought you went to the store, bought he disc and inserted to play. I didn’t realize until recently that they were in fact connected to the internet and you cold access thousands of online games via their respective stores. Once I realized these systems could be used for something other than killing WW2 Nazis or drive around a pretend race track, I was intrigued.

Since this beautiful discovery, we have added both family friendly, and some adult humor only, games to our collection that we can access via our Xbox or combination of Xbox and using our cellphones as a ‘’controller’’ and they’re actually quite fun!  I was surprised by how interactive the games are, and per requirements, can play with our friends when they come over (without needing multiple controllers).

Our close friend is an avid poker player. One game night when we couldn’t find a complete deck of cards, he suggested we play online poker instead. Again, in such a digital age, why had we never considered that before? We found an online site he had used before (being from the UK, he recommended the best UK casino) and cast it on our TV. We decided to all go in as one player and took time playing rounds. It was definitely different but we had fun together.

Though we still occasionally play for money, staying in and accessing games online is definitely cheaper than, say, a night at the local casino with friends. Bonus is that we can do all of this from the comfort of our home, in our PJs (a usual game night requirement is PJs and wine!).

Have you ever played games or gambled online?


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