Rescues Olympian Ryan Lochte With Blockbuster Financial Deal

0919-ryan-lochte-tmz-composite-6The United States truly is a place of second chances. U.S. swimmer, Ryan Lochte, suffered a devastating upset in the Olympic games at Rio de Janerio. While the seasoned athlete didn’t disappoint in the pool, he was charged with filing a false report. After lying on record about an incident that occurred at a gas station, the decorated swimmer was lambasted by the media, penalized by the United States Olympic Committee and stripped of his endorsements. There seemed little hope for the young athlete who in his prime, sabotaged his own success with activities outside of the pool. Fortunately, however, one company saw potential in Lochte’s mishaps, and the ability to bring important financial information to the public. Read on to learn more about how rescues Olympian Ryan Lochte with Blockbuster financial deal.

What Went Down In Rio

According to Rio police and evidence collected from a nearby security camera, Lochte and his group vandalized a gas station. According to Lochte, however, he and his team members were robbed at gun point. When the stories of the men in question failed to add up and conflicting evidence from security camera footage further undermined their claims, the group was charged with the crime of false communication. According to police reports that were recently released to the public, the athletes were not questioned about the actual vandalism. Not only did this put the swimmer in hot water with Brazilian authorities, but it also tarnished his formerly blemish-free image. Lochte was suddenly seen as a less than ideal representative of American values and ideas. Few companies wanted Lochte as the face of their brands, and during a time when the athlete should have been swimming in endorsement deals, he found himself with no viable offers whatsoever.

Endorsement Deals Make It All Worthwhile

The journey to the Olympics is an expensive one and while every dedicated athlete would love to know the feel of a gold medal pressed against his or her skin, it’s the endorsements that follow these accomplishments that make the efforts worthwhile. In fact, this is how many Olympians solidify their financial futures. For Lochte, the true tragedy in Rio wasn’t the loss of his squeaky clean image, but the loss of his earnings potential, and all as the result of the drunken antics of a single night. To The Rescue is a brand that’s all about rescuing consumers and helping people who are down on their luck get second chances to turn everything around. Ingenious campaign designers recognized that Lochte was the perfect face for these efforts. After all, who was more in need of a fresh start than the swimmer himself? So what will Lochte be doing for exactly? The swimmer will appear in a series of ads telling consumers about their ability to make a fresh, clean start, despite the financial challenges that they faced in their past. Lochte has something that other Olympians from Rio does not – the ability to connect with targeted audiences in a real and visceral way. Consumers know well what it’s like to make mistakes. Their also well-versed in the mistakes that Lochte has made himself. This makes him the ideal brand representative for delivering such a personal and personable message.

Understanding The Message

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Ryan Lochte is currently the face of second chances. Despite his Rio antics, many consumers want to see him succeed. This is largely because they identify with his shortcomings, or at the very least, his ability to make unfortunate mistakes at incredibly inopportune times. While the Olympics are about discovering and vaunting the talents of athletes with near-superhuman abilities, Lochte inadvertently showed the public just how incredibly human he could be. Seasoned marketing professionals know that before audiences will connect with brand representatives with images that appear lofty and unobtainable, they’ll connect with people who are hopeful, error-prone, and in need of second chances just like them.

Ryan Lochte Going Forward

Ryan Lochte is indeed making the most of his second chance and with time, he may come to be known as the modern day “Comeback Kids”. Surprisingly, wasn’t the only company to pick Lochte up after his Rio snafu. The swimmer has also landed an endorsement deal with

Pine Brothers throat lozenges. As such, Ryan Lochte is working hard at again becoming a high profile athlete, but this time, for all the right reasons. asserts that it’s the all-in-one solution for dealing with things “when life happens”, and this recent endorsement deal shows that the company is keeping its word on all fronts.

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