Where Have All the Cool Money Clips Gone?

What happened to the ever-popular money clip? For a time, they were the replacement for those huge leather grandfather wallets. You remember those lumbar hazards, right? Guys would stuff everything from multiple bills and receipts to gift cards and that crumpled up prophylactic your older brother gave you on your sixteenth birthday. Suddenly it seems like people have decided to discard their once cool money clip, but why? Why have money clips lost their luster?

A brief history on the money clip.

With so many money clips disappearing, it is hard to imagine they have been around for thousands of years. Yes, the money clip like the modern wheel has had its place in history. During a metal shortage, paper money was used in Egypt in the Ptolemaic Era.

Historically, men would carry around purses made of a fabric or animal byproducts, but they needed something easier and simpler to hold their money. If you look through time you would find that many historical figures, like Alexander the Great, used them. Throughout the years, the money clip has been used by millions to hold, well millions.

During the 1600s the money clip received competition from the original bi-fold wallet. The West was the first to receive leather billfolds. Most of them had a small picture engraved in the leather, as well. The billfold of that time was also very slim due to the fashion of the time. Much easier to slip in a skinny wallet versus a bulky clip. But, kings and conquerors used them, so they should still have some popularity? Money clips are still all the rage, right?

No one wants to see your cool money clip, bro.

The only thing money clips are good for is a 20-minute barrage of slanderous comment from your immediate circle of friends. The “cool money clip” is essentially the new pocket protector. It is useful, but you really do not need it. For the most part, a simple bi-fold wallet will suffice. Take your wallet out and really look at. For one, it is the right size you need and it holds all your items securely.

Your cards and bills have their respective slots. If you organize your wallet efficiently you can find whatever you need fairly quickly. Most of the time your cool money clip will cost you more time. We all have been in the line at a store and felt that gut-wrenching feeling of having a full line behind you. Once you get to the register you realize that you have to find your money. Now the cashier is upset at you. The old lady behind you is upset because she is late to her hot yoga class.

This is just with a wallet. Now imagine doing all of this with a wad of money and a money clip. The social anxiety alone would leave you in a state of duress. In all seriousness, the fact that you have to take all your money out to pay for something. It may not take the longest of time but time stops when you have a lot of people standing around you with a wad of cash in your hand.

Let’s face it cool money clips are not a thing anymore.

Everything has a lifespan. Some are shorter than others, and some things will last for a while. Are money clips going anywhere anytime soon? Probably not, but the money clip is not a something that you need in your pocket. Hell, on a good day you could get away with your license, debit card, and a few bucks in pocket change.

Most people are downsizing to wallets or card holders with a smaller footprint. Nobody wants to be that arrogant guy with a money clip. It does not make you look more important or cool; throw them away. If you are thinking about getting one for your dad, forget it. Buy him some bacon and whiskey and call it a day. Death to the “cool money clip.” It could be understood as the story ties vs cravats.

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  1. James says:

    I used a money clip for a while…I always felt lame because I didn’t have a lot of money to clip, so I’d do stuff like get a 20 or a 50 and pad it with a bunch of ones.

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