Choosing the Right Investment or Wealth Manager

wealth managerTrying to decide on who to hand over your investment portfolio or overall wealth to is not an easy decision at all. Not only do you want to find someone who is trustworthy, you also need them to be effective in getting the most out of your money possible. If you’re in the market for a new wealth manager, then it’s certainly worth taking the time to do plenty of research – there’s no value in making a hasty decision.

Safeguarding Your Investments

Your number one priority is knowing that your money and assets are going to be safe. To this end, always make sure that whoever you choose has the necessary credentials, and is regulated by the proper authorities (in the UK it’s the Financial Conduct Authority). Your deposits up to a certain amount are usually backed by the government, but beware that large amounts may not be, so trusting your planners is essential.


Your second priority is knowing that the managers you’ve chosen are actually going to be able to help you grow your wealth, and this is often where the majority of your research will need to be concentrated. Here are some of the things you should look at:

  • Qualifications – How well qualified are the people looking after your account in particular? Do they have a lot of experience? Most wealth management companies will have a page like this that explains the areas in which they’re most qualified to help, but ensure the individuals you’re dealing with are qualified too.
  • Other clients – Different portfolios will need different strategies behind them, and you want to know that yours will have people behind it that properly understand it. Find out what other clients a prospective business has, and see if they tally up with your situation.
  • Track record – Actually being able to see results from the companies you’re considering is a real benefit. It’s best if they’ll show you how some of their portfolios have fared against benchmarks like your local stock market – don’t allow yourself to be drawn in by raw numbers.

Finally, cost is also something that you’re going to need to think about. The best will indeed charge the most, but you need to make sure that you’re still getting good value for money. If one particular firm charges too much, the fees could well negate any extra they manage to squeeze out of your portfolio for you, so it’s definitely worth taking into account.

No amount of guidance will make your decision simple, but by following this advice and taking your time over the details, you’re sure to find a company or perhaps individual that suits your needs.

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