7 Great Ideas to Start Generating Passive Income Today

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Passive Income is money received from a venture on some sort of routine basis, with little effort required to maintain the cash flowing in. Passive income is not money for nothing, however. Most types of passive income take some degree of effort to establish. However, once you’ve successfully launched a passive income stream, it is […]

Secure Your Financial Future With Term Life Insurance

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Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by SelectQuote, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to start detailed financial planning for your future. For most people, financial planning consists of a savings account and an individual retirement account of some sort, and that’s it.  […]

7 Steps to Eating Healthier and Becoming Wealthier

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Do you know why most lifestyle changes don’t work? It’s because there’s a sudden change in lifestyle. It’s a shock to your system. Instead of abruptly adopting healthy habits, let it be a gradual change. This way worked best for me. Today, about 6 months after I started my transformation, I don’t even want junk food. Seriously, […]

How to Get Your First Job As A Teenager: 6 Steps to Success

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Follow these steps and you will soon you’re only worry will be which job you want to accept.   Anyone can land a great job just by following these proven steps.  And by anyone – that includes you!  It’s time to use your MacBook Pro for something actually professional.    1) Create a Resume and List […]