How to Trade Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies have been around for more than a decade but their popularity as a trading vehicle has recently gained notoriety. Crypto currencies are digital currencies and are not backed by a country. This lies in comparison to sovereign currencies which are backed by a central bank and are geared to handle payments throughout a specific country.  Many believe there are several benefits to using...
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How is DasCoin the Currency of Trust and Community

When DasCoin launched in March 2018, the inconspicuous “Currency of Trust” slogan that underscored its logo got the cryptocurrency industry talking. What was the hashtag meant for and how was the company going to play out to the new tune? Describing the slogan, Founder and CEO Michael Mathias stated the company would offer a unique blend of transparency, equity, and inclusion. He explained how...
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The Dow Jones Crossed the 24,000 Threshold. Now What?

The Dow Jones topped 24,000 -- now what?
Stocks appear to be increasing in volatility, yet the markets closed on Monday, December 4 with the Dow Jones Industrial Average is staying north of its most recent threshold, 24,000.
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Make Prudent Use of Your Money With Trading Platforms

The foreign market is growing every day and providing new and innovative opportunities to the general mass to make more money in a legal and quicker way. But many people are yet to be aware of the binary option trading platform which provides a wide range of speculation opportunities to both experienced and amateur investors. This is one of the easiest platforms to trade in, as it provides complete...
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How Much Interest Will I Earn On $1 million?

how to use craigslist, searchtempest like a pro
Your great-grandmother Bernice has passed and left you with a nice nest egg, $1 million. Instead of blowing in two days in Vegas, you decide to invest it. So, how much interest will you earn on $1 million?It is time to do the right thing. While you may not have had an especially close relationship with your aunt, you were likable enough to earn a spot in her will. Investing your new-found wealth...
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