Reasons Why Labor Creates Wealth

why labor creates wealth
Many have studied the reasons why labor creates wealth. There are many economic theories–some in vogue, some not–that address this issue. Karl Marx And The Value Of Labor Karl Marx and other economic theorists including Adam Smith and David Ricardo believed in something known as the labor theory of value, which Investopedia describes as the notion that “the value of a commodity was determined...
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Can Paying Your Bills on Time Increase Credit?

paying bills on time
Can paying your bills on time increase credit? The short answer is yes, definitely. But there’s a catch. Before we get to that, it pays to understand why paying your bills on time works to improve your FICO scores and earn you access to more credit. Learn To Think Like A Lender Many people are mystified by their credit–they don’t understand what makes their FICO scores rise or fall, and...
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The Benefits of NOT Having a Smartphone

Benefits of not having a smartphone
What are the benefits of not having a Smartphone? According to a 2015 article posted by the Pew Research Center, as of 2015 some 64% of American adults “owned a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011”. A more recent Pew Report is even more telling; a “vast majority” of Americans (Pew reports the number may be as high as 96% ) own a cellphone of some kind, with the...
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What Are the Disadvantages of Investing in an Annuity?

disadvantages of an annuity
What are the disadvantages of investing in an annuity? First, let’s examine what we mean by “annuity”. describes annuities saying a customer purchases an annuity plan using a single big payment or smaller sets of contributions. “The financial institution distributes money back to you for a certain time frame, depending on what kind of annuity you purchase. The money you put in...
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The Shrinking U.S. Economy And You

US Economy Shrinks
If you are interested in investing, you might be wondering what the July 30, 2020 headlines about the U.S. economy shrinking a whopping 33% (more accurately, 32.9% according to the Associated Press) between April and June really means. I love how conspiracy-theory that line above sounds; there is no conspiracy, just a combination of economic factors that have brewed up a nasty economic storm that...
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