Banking For Dummies: Understanding How They Create Money

Have you ever asked yourself how do banks make money? If so, then you are not alone. Moreover, no, it is not as hard to understand as you think. This article will take care of explaining you everything about this, so you can understand how they do so. This is banking for dummies, so I […]

Why Electric Cars Will Help Us Financially

electric cars, Tesla car, helping financially

People who are wise with their money look ahead. Far ahead. It’s been said that poor people look to today, the middle-class look to the month, the wealthy look to the decade. If you want to be wealthy, it’s time to act like them. That’s why it’s important to look ahead and see what change […]

The Financial Perks of Getting Married

perks of marriage, getting married, financial perks

Love. Love comes first and foremost. It’s more important than anything I’m writing about in this post. But this is a financial blog. We gotta talk about the financial aspects of getting married. Talking about money may not be romantic but it is important. Money-related fights are the number one reason for divorce. Statistically, it’s […]

9 Creative Ways to Contribute to a Political Campaign

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When most people think of giving to a political campaign, they think about simply donating their money or their time. If both of those options bore you, here are 9 other ways to help your candidate succeed. All of the ideas listed below still count towards your total contribution to a candidate. The reason you […]