When Does Power Fit in Leadership?

When you think of a leader, you often think of someone who wields some amount of power. But is power really the main quality associated with good leadership? It can be, but good leadership development isn’t about amassing as much power as you can. It’s more about being a partner with a team, not just […]

How to Save on IT Services

Navigating through technology, especially as a small business owner, can be complicated especially for those who doesn’t have a tech background in their belt. An even bigger challenge you’ll face is when you need to figure out how you can control IT costs but at the same time make your business flourish. There are a […]

How to Make Great HR Hires

A good HR team is vital to any business of moderate size, but they are sadly underestimated. “Recent research by McKinsey reveals that CEOs typically list HR as merely the 8th or 9th most important corporate function” reports Lisa Gerhardt, while noting their importance as the spine of a business: not merely dealing with holiday […]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Shoppable Video

Most people today have zero time for video advertisements, yet still love to watch and digest quality video content. For marketers everywhere, getting these two concepts married has been a long work in progress, but they’ve finally figured it out: shoppable video. In the United States, adults watch 5.5 hours of online video a day. […]

3 Ways to Follow in the Footsteps of Successful Business Owners

If you have decided that 2017 is the year you’ll launch your first business, or if you want to grow your current venture significantly over the coming months, it pays to look to others who have been there before you for inspiration, motivation, and good ideas. After all, while many people dream about building a […]