The Best Sources for Economic Updates

665ebbc6d2db4cdfb2eb106dcc497ba8To succeed in forex, traders need to update themselves on market news and other trading information to arrive at informed decisions and to understand the way market works. Best forex brokers provide information on market commentary, daily economic updates, third party research, and other current information. Since the advent of online trading, it is possible to get instant access on all data needed for trading successfully.

Information Provided

Most of the brokers offer research related to charts, historical data on exchange rate, market commentary of experts, daily news on market trends, and research reports. Only when a trader is armed with all this information can the trading be done effectively. Unfortunately, not all brokers provide comprehensive information on the required details. Focusing on sites that offer technical strategies on trading and good recommendation on the trading will help. Here are some reliable and efficient sites that you can use effectively to trade gainfully.

This site features information on various types of investments you can do. Charts, quotes, news, and currency updates are present in plenty here. A complete financial glossary, guides on other trading platforms like mutual funds, retirement planning are present here.

My FX Book

This social platform for forex traders offers additionally automated analytical tools. It is easy to track the trading, evaluate, and share the strategies in the site. The site gives free access for traders to several analytical tools.

Forex Factory

This site provides you with the latest and updated news releases and information on how they influence the trading session. The economic calendar is excellent and the current news section is easily navigable with the color coding method used. The coding helps to detect the severity of a particular situation and the forum present covers comprehensively on all trading aspects.

MT5 Forum

This forum focuses on MT5 users alone. It discusses all aspects of forex for traders of all levels. From assessing the advantages and drawbacks of the software, sharing opinion on economic situation to discussing the strategies, this site is great for traders. Aside from the focus on MT5 and MT4, the forum also has information on forex events and in-depth analysis, views, and news on forex.

FX Street

This huge forex platform has multilingual access and provides useful information for traders all over the world. Real time information on exchange rates, latest news, charts, trading newsletters, market analysis, weekly forecasts, and big event previews are provided here. The online community helps in getting support and sharpens your forex skills.


iFOREX has vast experience in trading and has grown remarkably to become one of the most reliable and largest forex trading firms. Regulated by CYSEC and PSZAF, the platform offers updated news in its iFOREX blog and trading site related to charts, signals, economic calendar, market reports, and other relevant information needed for forex traders. In addition to the iFOREX blog, the iFOREX Twitter and Facebook channels are highly recommended sources that let traders stay up to date.

To gain appreciable leeway in forex trading and make huge profits, being informed on the current news and information, and market speculation is highly important. When you use the information provided in the sites mentioned above, it is easy to arrive at an educated decision and trade better.

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