Dont Wait To Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate And Wait!

Buy Real Estate and wait, purchasing a property, property investment
Ever heard of the book ‘Ready Fire, Aim?  It’s a motivational book for entrepreneures based on the premise that you need to take action, intelligent action that is.  Forget the business cards if they aren’t perfect, don’t worry about the website if it’s light on content, no need for that branding consultant, what you need is an action oriented approach to get business...
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The Business of Blogging ‘Three Pointers’ | Take One

  This is the first edition of ‘three pointers’, which is my attempt at introducing you to three bloggers in the same niche, all of which I follow and admire.  I ask them the same, three open-ended questions to get differing points of view.  I think it’s a cool way of introducing you to niches and subject matter you may know little about.   This week, I welcome three very...
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Tulipalooza | Tulip Mania Of 1634 Is Eerily Reminiscent

Tulip Mania Of 1634, tulips
Financial bubbles and busts happen as a means of keeping the market ‘honest’.  As painful as they can be, these bubble/busts act as sort of a ‘reset switch’ for when things get over-valued.  We all remember the relatively recent Tech and the Housing bubbles and certainly the way in which they ended.  Not good.  Looking back and hindsight being 20/20, the warning signs were...
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Wait A Minitel, Did The French Invent The Internet?

The French Invent The Internet
France is known for many things; fine wine, the Eiffel Tower, the Tour de France, the Louvre, Victor Hugo, just to name a few.  There is one bit of French history you may know little about, that being the impact brought on by a product called the Minitel.  Yep, the Minitel was a wonky, awkward looking machine known as the “Little French Box” which resembled the old Commodore 64, if you...
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How $2385 Could Have Done So Much More

Remember the $787 Billion spending stimulus package?  The one where the Government decided to use a large cash infusion to spur spending and ultimately turn the economy around, then place us on a path toward fiscal sanity? Well, after five years of eagerly awaiting its benefits, it seems they may have alluded us.  Signed by President Obama in 2009, the Stimulus Package was the largest economic...
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