3 Top Tips for Brightening your Home

paint-2247394_640There is nothing better during the warmer months of the year than having a bright and attractive home. After months of darkness and keeping the cold out by closing the curtains, it can be incredibly satisfying to open up your windows to allow plenty of natural light and fresh air to cascade through. In addition to making your home look much more attractive and fresh, it can also do wonders for your mental health.

So, what are a few easy ways to brighten up your home during this time of the year?

Juliet Balcony

Not many people have the luxury of having a balcony that they can use during the warmer months, but fortunately there is a good alternative. This is to install your own Juliet balcony – although they are shallow, they can make a tremendous difference when you have the doors open wide.

You cannot get a chair or stand out on a Juliet balcony, but it does help to bring the outside in and placing a chair next to the door provides the same effect. Not only this, but the rail can come in handy for drying clothes. These can also be easy to install yourself and you can get all the hardware you need from places like Barrier Components.

Paint & Furniture

It may be obvious, but the shades of the wall will have an enormous impact on how bright and fresh your entire home looks and feels. If you currently have darker shades, consider switching to a cream, grey, light blue or any other light colour. In addition to brightening the area, it also makes the rooms look bigger too. Following on from this, you could also opt for white or light coloured furniture to create a fresh and clean atmosphere.


Finally, you will be amazed at the difference having any plantlife in your home can bring. Whether it is flowers in a vase, large potted plants, cacti, herbs in the kitchen or any other type, it brings life to your home and is also known to have mental health benefits. It is important to remember to water these plants and care for them in order to make them last.

These are just three simple ways to make your home feel brighter, but there are many more to consider. They are certainly worth doing, as in addition to making your home look much better it can also improve your mood and create a calm and welcoming space for all.

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