3 Great Hacks for Airport Regulars

Huge queues, security hassle, having to be there hours before your international flight takes off, delays, phobias – airports can be a hugely stressful experience. In fact, 97% of travellers find at least one thing frustrating about their time in an airport.

Travelling overseas, even for business, should be a relaxing experience. It’s the start of the journey and you shouldn’t be drained before you even leave the runway. These days, this is rarely the case, unless you’re in the enviable position of being able to spend top dollar on your tickets. Sadly, most have to make do and deal with the crowds, the boredom and the prohibitively expensive fast food.

Thankfully, there are some simple and ingenious ways of avoiding many of the pressures associated with international travel. A tiny bit of pre-planning can make all the difference to your time in the airport, turning a potential nightmare into a dream.

Here are three helpful travel hacks which could transform various aspects of your time in an airport. Small things to think about which could make a big difference. Good luck and happy travelling.

1.Book a meet and greet airport parking service

If you’re driving to the airport, parking can cause untold levels of stress. It’s not unusual to find a spot that feels closer to your home than the terminal building, and the cost can be eye-watering. Alternatives include parking off-site and enduring an uncomfortable transit from the parking lot to the terminal.

There is a better way! Looking4.com offer awesome deals on meet and greet parking at Orlando International airport. All you have to do is pull up at the terminal and unload your luggage. A driver will meet you and take your vehicle to secure parking. When you return from your vacation, the driver will meet you at the terminal door, hand over the keys and let you drive off without having to make the often long trip to the parking lot.

  1. Check-in next to first class

With automated check-in machines becoming more and more popular with airlines, the chances of being caught behind someone struggling to cope with the technology can be infuriating – worse still if you’rethe one struggling!

One simple rule followed by regular flyers to use the machine nearest first/business class check-in, as it can be a slightly more positive experience. Those purchasing more high-price tickets often have the luxury of an actual human staff member on hand to help them through the automated check-in process and if they’re quiet they have been known to lend a hand to coach passengers – so stay close!

  1. Bring a refillable water bottle – empty!

This is a very simple hack, but it saves a bit of money when surrounded by the high prices of the departure lounge – you also dodge the fluid limits at the security gate.

An empty bottle will sail through security and you can fill it by using a water fountain once you’re through all the checks. Remember, a reusable bottle doesn’t just work in your favour, it also helps the planet.

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