3 Brilliant Tips to a Safe (and Profitable) Business

07bc9239ea374b21ac3267f491a07218Your property and your finances are interlinked. They go together like Ant and Dec or Jay Z and Beyoncé. Without your property, how could you net oodles of dough?

Yet some people don’t hold their work premises in quite the esteem it deserves. They allow it to fall into disrepair or, even worse, become damaged by external forces.

Without adequate security, you’re consigning your property to the risk of fires, burglaries, vandalism and various other dangers.

They might seem like a faraway, paranoid dream, but they happen every day to businesses up and down the country.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few top tips to help you lock your business up tight.

Fight the flames

Can you imagine anything worse than a fire raging through your workplace? Those orange crackling flames licking up the walls and through your corridors, leaving everything in its wake little more than rubble – it wouldn’t be the best thing to happen to your company.

Indeed, while insurance can recoup some of your costs, the money lost will still be monumental. And some things are simply irreplaceable.

The solution? Stop fire before it stops your business.

Invest in substation fire protection that will reinforce your ceilings to make them virtually fireproof. Protection like this will keep flames at bay for up to four hours, giving you ample time to call the emergency services.

In addition to this, purchase some fire extinguishers, blankets and alarms to always be prepared when the flames hit. While it’s better to retreat from fires, you’ll be tooled up should you ever have to fight through the flames.

An ever-watchful eye

You can’t be everywhere all the time – unless you’ve got the cameras to help you.

Indeed, while CCTV systems used to be bulky, wire-ridden, impractical affairs, even smaller budget versions have all the versatility of a digitised potato waffle.

Most cameras feature Wi-Fi capability, allowing you to view them on a livestream on your phone. Place them judiciously around your workplace and you’ll be able to see everywhere – at all times.

But if you’re not comfortable with cameras alone, hire a security guard to act as an effective deterrent to any sneaky crooks,

The right people

You know your employee who offers you stuff “off the back of a van” and insists on staying late to steal Post-It notes? Probably best to let them go.

Trust is the cornerstone of any business venture. When you’re hiring people, ensure you can give them responsibility and autonomy that they won’t exploit.

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