How Do Tradelines Work and How Can You Add Them to a Credit Report?

When was the last time you took a good look at your credit report? Maybe you’ve been afraid to look because your credit has been less than stellar. You know that in some way, your credit report tries to define you. People make judgments and decisions based on what’s in your credit report. Even though you don’t want to look at it, you need to take steps to improve it.
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How to Diversify Your Assets: A Simple Guide in 4 Easy Steps

One of the ways to keep yourself sane when you’re investing is to know your risk level. If you aren’t sure what your risk level is, you might overdo it. Or, on the other hand, you might play things so safe that you are underwhelmed with your results. Learning how to diversify your assets is an essential skill you should have to get the best results as an investor. If you aren’t...
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3 More Things I Learned From My Failed Business – Part Two

failed business
I previously mentioned three things I learned from my failed business. Here are three more things I learned that are equally, if not more, important. Don’t Quit Your Day Job For a lot of us, entrepreneurship is the road to financial freedom. We want to quit our day jobs and have some flexibility in our lives. However, keeping your day job will help you save up to cover expenses while you’re...
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3 Things I Learned from My Failed Business – Part One

failing at business
I have failed at business ventures for a decade. They either flopped outright, or I was unable to execute my idea correctly. I was embarrassed when I realized my dreams wouldn’t come to fruition after I had promoted my services. I can say it proudly now because I learned some valuable lessons. Start the Business First, the best way to start a business is to take steps to execute. Talking about...
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3 Reason You Should Start an Investment Club

investment club
If you and your friends have thought about pooling your resources to create an investment club, then you should go for it. I’ve considered the idea but have, regretfully, failed to execute. Maybe it’s because I didn’t fully understand all of the benefits. Here are three reasons you should start your investment club. Share the Wealth and the Risk To begin with, you have access to...
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