What Your Address Tells Me About Your Small Business

Running your business from home or on the move as a digital nomad has numerous benefits, providing you with freedom, autonomy and flexibility. However, using your residential address for business matters doesn’t leave the best impression on clients and could end up compromising your personal assets and privacy.
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Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

The issue of finance is not one to be taken lightly. Financial management, in the totality of the word, refers to strategically planning, organizing and directing your income to meet your day to day needs. A thorough understanding of one’s financial inflow and outflow is necessary to manage one’s income. Financial management is a learning process and as such, it can be a little overwhelming....
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How to Read and Calculate Currency Exchange Rates?

exchange rates
Nowadays it is very easy to find the exchange rate quotes of the day. However, reading them and making the required calculations can be hard for those unfamiliar with the technique. Consequently, an exchange rate is often used to represent the price of two different currencies against each other, for example dollars to pounds or pounds to Euros. Exchange rates often fluctuate throughout the week,...
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10 Online Side Hustle Ideas to Make Some Cash

online side hustle ideas
Is 2019 the year that you finally start that side hustle you’ve been dreaming of having? Maybe you’re having a tad bit of trouble figuring out what it should be? Fear not, there are plenty of online side hustle ideas out there! Manage Social Media Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Can you create an amazing Facebook ad or respond to messages with the...
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Three Ways to Contact Someone in Today’s World

There was a time when we could contact people by three methods — telegram, letter, and telephone. In all cases, senders usually knew the address or phone number. If they were unsure of either, they could turn to the phone book. These huge tomes of information were founts of information. In addition to the receiver’s name they also had their address and telephone number. And, if a sender...
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