How to Get a Logbook Loan Approved

You may need to apply for a logbook loan when you have a vehicle of your own. Logbooks loan providers may consider you even if you have a poor credit. You’ll need to go through an eligibility and affordability check. Keeping with the value of your car, you may apply for loans varying between £250 right and £50,000. Even after you have the funds, you may continue to use your car. Till the time you...
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11 Effective Rules for a Simple and Debt-free Lifestyle

Debt is a common thing to man. Most people in the UK have some form of debt that they owe. From student loans to mortgages to personal loans, the debts people labour under abound. There is definitely no one that does not want to live a debt-free life. In this article, I will be touching briefly on 11 rules that will be effective if you follow them in helping you attain a debt-free financial status...
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Retiring Rich: Wealth Creation Strategies for People in Their 40’s

Creating wealth is a lifetime endeavour. It sure doesn’t happen over night. Depending on what part of your life you’re in, you’ll be handling your money differently. As a person in your 40s it is important to take care of business so you can enjoy an early retirement or ahead and be responsible in managing your finances. If you want a lot of money when you’re older then there are ways to make...
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Redbox Alternatives That Are Not Going to Break the Bank

redbox alternatives, save money on dvds, save money on watching movies
Hey, you broke young adult, you are probably reading this because you are tired of paying for those Redbox DVDs. We here at Critical Financial understand, frivolous expenses add up when you are calculating your budget. So, we have compiled a short list of affordable Redbox alternatives that will leave you in the black. Courtesy of Tappa Productions For those of you that have no clue what Redbox is...
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Platform University: Platform building savior or another business expense?

Platform University, business ventures, business expenses
The business world is constantly changing, and you need to stand out. What sets you apart from other entrepreneurs? How are you different? A handful of factors can kill your business without you seeing it coming. One of the biggest is visibility. If your customers or viewers cannot see what you are offering they cannot support you. Platform University provides its members with the tools they need to...
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