Rectify Financial Mistakes at the First Opportunity

When you are in your 20s you can make some financial mistakes and have time to recover. Move on 20 years and you have halved the time between when the typical person sets out on a career and when they retire. Retirement seems remote when you have just finished college. There will be several calls on your first pay check and if you are not careful you will begin to respond to calls each year, none of...
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How the Average American Handles Debt (And How It Really Should Be Handled)

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Over the past three decades, Americans have been piling on the debt. In a recent survey, the average household held debt valued at over 105 percent of their pretax income.  About half of us have more credit card debt than savings. And about one in five people in the United States have a debt to income load of 40 percent or over. Ending up overloaded with debt in one or more of these categories is...
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