Navigating the Often Rough Seas of Personal Finance

There was a time when personal finances meant living within a budget, purchasing a few necessities on credit, and tucking part of your earnings away in savings for retirement or to meet the demands of some unexpected rainy day. Unfortunately, the recession that hit in 2008 taught many of us a painful lesson, that even doing everything right doesn’t necessarily protect you from taking a financial...
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YourWela Review: Organized Personal Finance

Your Wela review
If you like you’re going to love YourWela! is an awesome financial tools site that simplifies investing, offers great financial help and lets you customize goals to your specific situation. What’s also cool is they are digital advisors! They bridge the gap between virtual and personal to assist your financial needs. What You Get With YourWela The aim of YourWela is to simplify...
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How to Fix a Sagging Headliner

There’s nothing more annoying while driving than having a sagging headliner touching your head. It’s annoying in the kind of way an out of balance ceiling fan is annoying. There’s no real danger, it’s just annoying as heck. Plus, with a sagging headliner, it really let’s down your cars interior. It’s time to get that fixed. This post outlines the many ways of getting...
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Is It Okay to Buy a Refurbished Product?

refurbished product, electronics, second-hand gadgets
Most refurbished items are electronics. We’ll stick to that category for the sake of this post. If you’re concerned about buying refurbished, electronics are probably your concern. So many parts to break. So is it okay to buy a refurbished product? When I say ‘okay’ I mean, is saving the money worth buying a possibly inferior product? We’ll soon find out. Exactly what...
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Extreme Minimalism

extreme minimalism, saving money, minimalism, frugal living
What a complex topic to discuss! See, the word ‘extreme’ is very… how shall I say it… extreme. It’s rather meaningless, really. What is extreme to me may not be extreme to you and vice versa. However, I’ve read enough comments on personal finance posts to be able to gauge the readership of this blog and similar ones. What I think is extreme and what you think is...
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