PPI and Compensation – A Summary

PPI, Compensation, PPI and Compensation, claims
The UK banking industry has suffered greatly from the ongoing PPI compensation scandal, and with four million people having already claimed – and many more looking to do so – the collective lenders have been forced to set aside many billions of pounds to cover the cost.  The actual cost so far is said to be around £20bn. Many people are still to claim, and there are some who are not sure what...
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9 Creative Ways to Contribute to a Political Campaign

political campaign, contributing to a campaign
When most people think of giving to a political campaign, they think about simply donating their money or their time. If both of those options bore you, here are 9 other ways to help your candidate succeed. All of the ideas listed below still count towards your total contribution to a candidate. The reason you may want to consult this list instead of just give cash is because these types of donations...
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How Much is “Enough” to Put Into my 401k Regularly?

401k, retirement
Retirement is expensive. For most it’s hard to imagine saving thousands if not millions of dollars for retirement. It’s also difficult to visualize how regularly depositing money in your 401k impacts the total amount you’ll have when you reach retirement. Most people have wondered at one time or another: how much is “enough” to put into a 401k regularly? 5%? 10%? 25%? At a high-level, The...
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How to Deal with a Dealership

car dealership, car deals, best car deals
Here are a few ideas to consider about how to get a better deal with a car dealership. These are five simple tips that may actually save you a lot of money when you get into a car deal in the future.   How to Deal with a Dealership: Research, Research, Research!!! Research, research, research! People get scammed often because they get nervous. Doing your research ahead of time will keep you from...
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The Best Sources for Economic Updates

To succeed in forex, traders need to update themselves on market news and other trading information to arrive at informed decisions and to understand the way market works. Best forex brokers provide information on market commentary, daily economic updates, third party research, and other current information. Since the advent of online trading, it is possible to get instant access on all data needed...
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