Retirement Finance 101: Common Mistakes to Avoid to Ensure a Happy Retirement

retirement,retirement mistakes,saving for retirement
For most people, retirement is the time for enjoying the fruits of one’s lifelong labors. Retired workers often look forward to finally having the time for engaging in leisure, pursuing long-cherished dreams, and perhaps even learning a new skill or two. And ideally, they should be able to do all that without worrying about the bills. Unfortunately, certain changes to the socio-economical landscape...
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Where to Find Your Sears Coupons

Sears deals have been in the spotlight lately because this store often makes their discounts worthy. Regardless of what you are shopping for, their coupons and promo codes can save you anywhere from a hundred to thousand or even more dollars with just one checkout. Not to mention that most items do have an optional free delivery or can be delivered to you with a coupon code. Use Coupons for More than...
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Five Obstacles That Are Keeping You In Debt

Why You Can't Get Out of Debt,obstacles
Everyone says “Get out of debt”, as though it’s a simple mechanical effort, and the only thing stopping anyone from doing it is stubbornness. If only that were true! Before you can get out of debt, you first have to identify the reasons why you are in debt. I’ve been able to identify at least five obstacles that are keeping you in debt. It’s commonly believed that irresponsibility is the...
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