Use Nordstrom coupons to get free shipping, huge discounts and special offers

Shopping on a tight budget is quite frustrating especially when you have growing kids who badly need new shoes and clothes. Most housewives would rather recycle their children’s clothing so that the younger ones can wear them. But that was long ago as online shops are offering discounts and holiday sales to shoppers. Conscientious homemakers are taking advantage of promo codes that give them the...
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7 Ways to Save For Retirement on a Tight Budget

save for retirement, tight budget, saving for the future
How can we save for retirement on a tight budget? Is it really possible? These days it can be tough enough just to pay your bills and support your lifestyle. Saving for any purpose – especially one as far into the future as retirement – can seem like more than you can handle. But here are seven ways to save for retirement on a tight budget. Pick one or more of them, and see what you can do to...
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Importance of Credit Score in Your Financial Affairs

credit score, financial affairs, credit standing, financial status
How we manage our money is visibly displayed for anyone who wants to see it. And a few people like mortgage, loan, credit card, insurance companies as well as the landlords and even employers want to see how you handle your financial affairs before they make a decision on you. Wouldn’t it be sad to miss on your dream home because you cannot get a mortgage with bad credit or miss out on a lovely apartment...
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