Entrepreneurialism | The Career Choice For Attention Deficit Disorder Sufferers

entrepreneur, Career Choice For Attention Deficit Disorder Sufferers
I was laying in bed the other night, suffering from a kaleidoscope of thoughts doing their best to keep me awake.  As a result, I found myself up a 2 am vigorously jotting down notes of financial ideas which could be used as potential blog-posts.  I had lots of entrepreneurial ideas stirring about my frontal lobe.  Because of this, I began to wonder, is this normal?  Am I strange?  It is just...
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How The Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina Helped Louisiana Avoid The Great Recession

Hurricane Katrina Helped Louisiana, great recession
While much of the U.S. Economy took a nosedive after the housing bubble helped to create the Great Recession, a few states were able to avoid much of the local economic turmoil which followed. Most states suffered large increases in unemployment, a wave of home foreclosures, and lacked cheap capital to invest in new startups. Louisiana—home of Mardi Gras, New Orleans, crawfish, corrupt politics,...
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